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Organizing Process

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1-2 Hour In-Home Consultation

  • Please do not clean or pick up before I come. I know this may be intimidating or even embarrassing, but seeing your home in its natural state enables me to better assist you. 

  • Together we will tour your home and talk about your challenges and vision.

  • Discuss space planning and product options.

  • I will take measurements and pictures of the space.

  • We will schedule your organizing sessions to get the process started!

  • After the consultation, I will develop a customized organizing solution to meet your needs and budget.


Organizing Session

  • Sort

    • I pull everything out of the space and categorize items.  

  • Edit

    • Next, I guide you through the process of determining which items you use/love and which no longer serve you.  This is the only part you need to be involved in.  I know this can be overwhelming but we will get it done together.

  • Contain​

    • I pull out my beautiful new products or repurpose yours to contain items in a way that makes sense and is easy to maintain. ​​

  • Label​

    • All containers are labeled so everyone knows exactly where to put items.  ​

  • Maintain

    • I walk you through your new space and talk about how to maintain it going forward. ​​

  • Donations​

    • ​An SUV full of donations will be hauled away so you have one less thing on your to-do list​​.

Folding Clothes

Maintenance Session

  • Provide ongoing organization and tidying so that your space remains in order.

  • I reorganize, adjust, and label as needed monthly, quarterly, or seasonally.  

  • Life is busy and always changing, your spaces need to adapt in order to function well.

  • Examples: Tidy master closet, refold clothing in drawers, tidy pantry, file papers, relabel storage bins, adjust kids storage as they get older, do laundry, change out kids clothes as they grow, etc.


In-Home Consultation: $80/hour

Organizing Sessions: $80/hour  


Product sourcing and shopping: $80/hour

Maintenance Sessions: $80/hour


Referral Award: If you refer someone and they book a session, you will receive $50 off your next session!!


Gift Certificates: Instead of giving your family/friends more stuff, give them the experience of a professional organizer.  Please email or call for more details.

2 - 3 Hour Sessions
6 - 3 Hour Sessions
$60 per hour
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